As you all know, I am up North enjoying a summer holiday instead of the wet winter on offer at home. The lovely Alexis from Busymee has agreed to do a guest blog for me as I am spending most nights up here  eating seafood and getting tipsy with the in-laws so not much blogging is taking place on my behalf. I promise I will have photos and stories galore when I get home, but in the meantime enjoy a post from Alexis – one I can definitely relate to!!

Something of My Own.

Since having children I have noticed that I really do not enjoy sharing anymore.  The little that I do have of my own, I selfishly want to enjoy alone.  I share most things, and in the rare moment that I do not, I am usually riddled with guilt. Food in particular is a very sensitive subject for me.  One because I enjoy eating, and don’t get to as often as I would like or probably need to in order to stay alive and two because I feel like I have to sneak food like a prisoner.

My friend and I joke a lot about food being sacred, and when we have the opportunity to enjoy it our children almost always try to steal it.  I have no problem with giving a child a “bite” of my sandwich…but I have 5 mouths trying to get up in my MEAL (notice how I said meal, yes I get a MEAL each day, not several.)  My children could be eating a kid version of a five star meal (icecream and pizza?) but the minute they see food in my hand, they are like flies on shit…and it’s MY shit.  The craziest part about this is that I am usually eating the exact same thing that they are eating…it tastes just as awful – I promise!

They get 3 meals a day, served to them, and they don’t have to pay a single penny for it, isn’t that enough?

I won’t lie, when I am really craving something and I know there is not enough for all of us, I will eat it in the pantry or the…bathroom…don’t judge me.  I have sat out “seconds” at dinner many times because it was either them or me, and I let them have the extra serving.  I have also wanted to treat them to a happy meal and didn’t have enough cash on me for a mommy meal…guess who doesn’t eat, yup, ME.  So, when I want a fudgesicle and there are only two, I will eat them both in the corner of the kitchen, with my back turned, pretending to cook.

I LOVE when my children try new things, so if I am eating something exotic like….a new brand of frozen pizza, that they have never had, sure I will share.  But when I am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I found on the kitchen table…PLEASE just let me eat it…alone.

Also, if we are out to dinner, they can order whatever they would like (that is under 5.99 and includes a drink) but when my meal comes they always want it.  Then when I tell them if they finish their food they can have some of mine, it becomes a race against the clock.  The minute that last bite of chicken tender goes into their tiny mouth, I know my food is no longer mine.

I don’t need much, but sometimes I just want a meal all to myself.


Alexis is a busy mom of Five! She enjoys blogging about her life with a sarcastic twist and tries her best to find both humor and positiveness within her experiences. In her words, she is the furthest thing from an ideal “stay at home mom”, loses her cool, makes bad choices and over thinks almost every decision.  I hope you enjoy reading her posts, and if you did, pop over and say hi to her on her facebook page, Busymee or read her other posts on her blog page 🙂
Thanks Alexis!!!