……Nikki Visentin

Nikki has agreed to write for me this week whilst I am still up in sunny Onslow. She is toying with the idea of writing a blog of her own so if you like what you see, let her know in the comments!!!
So without further ado….here is Nikki and her world.
Well, where do I start?

Im a 26yr old mum of 2 wonderfully polite, yet extremely frustrating kids. LOL.

I currently live in the Adelaide Hills, 15mins away from the nearest shop, and I HATE it….

Hopefully moving in the next month, back to civilisation. Which will be nice… Looking forward to Pizza Delivery, and fast internet…

I have a 4yr old boy who is going through the testosterone surge that most boys go through at this age (or so Ive heard) and although I love him and wouldnt change him for the world, gosh he frustrates me to tears most days!!!

Oh Goodness!!! The meltdowns!!! He’d put an Oscar winner to shame I tell ya!

My 2yr old little missy is the most hilarious little thing you will ever see. Shes currently learning how to talk, so parrotting EVERYTHING that she hears. Including the bad words too…. Heard my first ‘for f**ks sakes’ come out of her mouth the other day and had to have a little giggle….

Everyone says that she’s my ‘mini me’ but honestly I dont see it. (or maybe I do???)

Loves her food, happy to try anything. And just a beautiful little soul. Until she’s in a bad mood……

Golly Gee!!! My mother has nicknamed her ‘Madam Muck’, we get stomping of her feet, death stares, and the silent treatment!! Not looking forward to the teenage years with that one!!! Haha

I got married last October, to a wonderful man, with many talents, and Im really looking forward to spending the rest of my life, laughing my head off at his stupidity…. HAHA

Im new to this whole ‘blog scene’ so excuse my lack of blog prowess, I hope you find my story interesting….

My life currently consists of cooking (in my brand new thermomix that I have been waiting four years to get), cleaning, and breaking up fights between my two ratbags…

Currently Mr4 is going through the ‘I havent looked at that car/book/teddy/*insert random toy here* for the past six months, but because my sister has it, I NEED it NOW’ stage. And its ear splitting, the screams and squeals that eminate from her having something taken from her.

I swear I am going to invest in earplugs.

Im also one of those mothers that hides food, I will go for a ‘walk’ outside to stuff my face with the last of the chocolate, or wait until the kids are deep in sleep before I crack out the strawberries and cream, or ice cream….

I mean, I love them, and I love to share with them. But I need a vice, and its food for me… (Maybe thats why I need to lose 20kg? Haha) I hide it on the top shelf of the pantry, so they cant see it to ask for it!!!

For us mums, who usually only gets to eat dinner and drink cold coffee, I need some sustanance at the end of the day…

Well, thats it for now, its getting late, and there is some choccie in the fridge calling my name….

Till next time……

Nikki xoxo

Thanks Nikki – remember, if you enjoyed her post and would like to know more about her, please nag her in the comments section below to start her own blog!