Today is Sunday, the weekend. 
Remind me again, what’s that??
We have all been sick all of this week and most of last week – there has been weezles and sneezles, coughing and vomits.
There has been man-flu and ear-ache.
Lots of antibiotics, cough syrup, panadol and eucalypt oil.
We could open our own chemist I reckon.
We are exhausted and drained, I am still feeling like a shadow of myself, but today we are all feeling a bit better. We are on the mend.
Hubby is going to work.
(finally, or I think I may maim him)
I made chocolate cup-cakes yesterday and we had them for breakfast today, because we could.
The boys thought it was Christmas after a week of grumpiness, lethargy and general grottiness.
what a treat!

Our house is a tip.
The lounge – total chaos with lego everywhere. G Man is in the toyroom watching Mickey Mouse Christmas for the third time this morning and Master J is playing the Duplo Lego game on the eee-pad.
Where is our dining table? Under all that crap somewhere…..

This is (half of) my clean washing pile that needs to be sorted, folded and put away. Whatever.

These are my festering dishes – including the cup-cake mix bowl. Sigh.

This is in the kids bathroom – there is another pile of dirty washing twice as big in our bathroom.

I wont show you our bathroom – worse, way worse.
SO you know what I have decided to do today? 
Spend the day loving and cuddling with my babies. Giving them my kisses and attention. Breathe them in.
I will help Master J get the lego present from the rabbit to the lion in his game and then I will snuggle with G Man and get lost in the Magical World of Disney.
Beautiful time well spent.
One of the things I love about Mr Point Five, is that I know he would agree. 
He will leave for work in an hour and walk into the same cesspit tonight that he left this morning (well, I prolly will have done the dishes cos that’s just gross) and he wont care how I have spent my day, as long as our boys are well loved, looked after and we are all happy.
The expectation I put on myself to live up to other peoples standards can go take a hike today. I think one of the hardest things about being a SAHM is the pressure we put on ourselves to live how we think we ought to. I am just not built to be fastidiously neat and tidy and that’s OK. I am a great mum and an extremely average house wife. Deal with it.
I am trying not to beat myself up about it. I put judgement that just isn’t there into my husbands eyes – if he doesn’t judge me, why should I? Its our house, our life, our family and we are happy.
Happy as the proverbial pig in mud 🙂