My husband needs one of these T-Shirts when I am pregnant.
My biggest stuff up was going to an ATM and withdrawing $200. At least that was my intention.
What I actually did was put my card in, entered my pin, requested $200, collected my card and walked away without the cash, leaving it as a bonus for the person behind me in the queue. It wasn’t until I went back to my waiting husband and he asked for his half that I went “Doh” (well, not exactly Doh) and turned back to the ATM not 5 metres away but to no fruition. Some lucky bastard was probably buying up big on lotto tickets with his winnings. Either that or a few blocks of boutique beer. Cheers to the pregnant lady!

Other stuff ups include driving over an hour to our nearest Harvey Norman to look at Sofa Beds and then realising when I got home that I had left my Hand Bag on the floor in bedding. I needed it for the following morning so poor suffering hubby made another two hour trip up to get it for me.
Going to the shops specifically for milk, spending $50 on crap we didn’t really need and then arriving home without the milk; forgetting appointments, or remembering them, but AFTER they had been and gone; sitting down on the floor of KMart with hubby and bursting into tears, much to his embarrassment and horror, for no good reason that I can recall right now. These are other things I have done whilst pregnant.
But yesterday takes the cake and NO, I am NOT pregnant!
This is not out petrol station in my home town. But it COULD be. We have an automatic bowser just like it, unmanned, and you prepay with a credit card and then take your fuel. Well, that’s how it works in theory.
Yesterday I had the kids with me so it is actually really convenient to use the bowser at home. I pulled up, inserted my card and pressed 50 when it asked how much fuel I wanted. Went to the pump and……nothing. It put in like $1.03 and just stopped. Odd I thought. Maybe it thought I had asked for 50c of fuel. Yep, thats it. So I swipe the credit card again and enter 5000. Back to the pump and again, nothing, just air.
Now a sensible person would walk away now but not me. No, I was sure if given just ONE more go I would prevail over the bowser. I’ll show it who is boss I mutter. Again I swipe my card and key in 5000. Nada, Nothing.
Put $50 of fuel in at the nearest roadhouse and hand over the credit card with no issues.
On my way to nearest town for my groceries. A cool $135 later at the IGA and I give the girl my credit card. Uh-oh. Card Declined. Hmmmmm.
Go to the bakery and spend $24. Try the credit card again and YAY, success. Whew. Must have been the IGA machine or I put in the wrong pin.
Get home and after unpacking the shopping I sit down and idly ask my (sick at home with the man-flu) hubby if next time when he logged on to the internet banking if he could see if I had been charged $1.03 for the fuel at the dicky bowser. What do you mean he says cautiously, eyebrows raised. I explain what had happened and what happened at the IGA and he leaps into action. I have never seen him move so fast.


Turns out I had authorised $10,050 to be “”held” in our account just in case I needed to fill up with that much fuel in town over the next 5-10 working days. I had also maxed out the credit card with my remaining bakery purchase. Oops.
Needless to say I was not in the good books and I had a pretty pissy hubby for the rest of the day. He was very grateful that we only had a $12,000 limit as he said I probably would have kept going until it got declined. Piffle.
After a mercy dash to the post-office to see who owned the bowser I managed to get a phone number of a lovely girl called Tammy who understood my doghouse plight and agreed to fax the bank to state that they wouldn’t be needing my $10,050 in the near future. 
Apparently we should have our account un-frozen within 24 hours from the 11am fax today 🙂 Apparently. 
I hope so – the doghouse is lonely.
When I came home and flopped in the chair hubby turns to me and said “what happened to your eye”??
What do you mean??? Went and had a look in the mirror.
No idea. A guilt/stress eye aneurysm??
Sigh. A little sympathy???
What have you done whilst pregnant or just having a blonde moment??