Pregnant excuses.

Disclaimer: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! My husband needs one of these T-Shirts when I am pregnant. My biggest stuff up was going to an ATM and withdrawing $200. At least that was my intention. What I actually did was put my card in, entered my pin, requested $200, collected my card and walked away without the cash, leaving it as a bonus for the person behind me in the queue. It wasn’t until I went back to my waiting husband and he asked for his half that I went “Doh” (well, not exactly Doh) and turned back to the ATM...
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One plus one = FIVE???

I am sure you have all uttered the words together before, usually when you have had a few too many wines or your kids are doing something really sweet, like oh I don’t know….sleeping.  The words that go “Gee we make cute babies” Sigh. “It would almost be criminal not to have another” And then you look at each other and laugh hysterically at the thought of going through all that again, knowing that you are both happy with our family of four. That’s one each. Perfect. Done. But then you are home one day telling your hubby about...
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