The Thing I’d Tell You has asked this question…..

In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with {or be best friends with, I don’t think it should all be about who you’d shag , so lets have some from both categories } a movie or tv character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors but the movie characters. You have to tell us why.

Here is my answer 🙂

Number 1.

Westley – The Princess Bride
Oh My how I swooned as a teenage girl watching this!  Westley is dashing, heroic, totally gorgeous, leaps tall cliffs (of insanity) in a single bound and has the comic genius to rival John Cleese. Whats not to love and shag senseless in the barn (fetch me that pitcher) or on the Pirate ship? As you wish? Do I ever!!!

Number 2.
Navarre – Ladyhawke
Navarre is the thinking woman’s man – he is a gentleman and a hero. He is stoic and will search the ends of the world to undo the spell that will bring Isabeau back to him. The end scene where he see’s her face and then the look on his and he lifts her up so high and she throws her arms back in abandon – sigh.  If you haven’t seen this movie, do so – I just adore it.  Matthew Broderick is an added bonus as an escaped convict (so cute, young and funny) and Michelle Pfeiffer is breathtaking.

Number 3.
Jax Teller – Sons of Anarchy
Here is the Bad Boy of my bunch – Jax is an outlaw motorcycle club member who has the body (including the buns) of steel. He will do absolutely ANYthing to protect his family and if the way a man treats his mother is any gauge to how he will be as a husband you just want to snap this specimen right up!  If you have to ask if that’s a gun in his pocket then you’re with the wrong man – he always has his piece with him.
(please dont hold it against me that I actually named my second born son after this beautiful creature)

Number 4.
Risque: Kelly Van Ryan – Wild Things
Probably guilty of over-sharing but whilst I am happily hetro-married and am well satisfied on my side of the fence, I would totally love just one night with Denise Richards on the set of Wild Things. Neve Campbell is a lucky girl.

Number 5.
Best Friend: Diana Berry – Anne of Green Gables
I always dreamt that I was Anne and my BFF in high school (you know who you are , reading this) was Diana. I had my own “Bosum Buddy” who was my kindred spirit and would lie in the middle of the school oval with me and discuss boys (real and Michael J Fox types) when we should have been doing cross country. I will treasure her forever.