I have a confession. Its a bad one and I feel guilty. Very guilty.

Imagine this.
You’re in bed with your lover. You are having a kiss and a cuddle and seeing “where it leads” (or in my case most of the time you fall asleep)
But in this case the hubby was on a promise so…..
Your receive a text. Things weren’t yet beyond the point of no return.  What do you do???
Do you ignore it? If you do, do you wonder about who it may be throughout the whole lovemaking process? Does it bother you that you don’t know who it is? does it distract from your orgasm? does it drive you crazy?
So, do you just have a peek to see who it is from without reading the message?  Does that make you feel better?…… knowing who it is from or do you still wonder what they are saying? Is it all you think about when you should be concentrating on the places your lovers hands are and where yours should be?
OK – so you read the message, very quickly, a skim read just so you know its not an emergency of some kind and that your advice isn’t needed urgently and you can now relax in the sweet sensations of the bedroom.
Except you don’t. In your mind you already have a reply brewing which you cant turn off in your head. Its a witty reply, one that if you don’t get it out now you will forget it and then have to send a lame reply back after the now disappointing lovemaking because you cant concentrate.
So, very quickly, cheetah like if you must, you bang out a reply to the text from a girlfriend that really was utterly inconsequential and so could have waited til the next day but you feel better – relieved . You know that your friend isn’t wondering where you are, if you are OK, if you haven’t in the emergency room of the local hospital, that you aren’t splattered all over the highway or even WORSE that maybe you are enjoying a beautiful lovemaking session with your husband. Well you were, before the bloody phone went off and you not only peeked but stopped all activity to reply.  Kinda went a bit south after that.
Really should mute the damned thing before I embark on a promise.
If the hubby doesn’t turf it in the bin beforehand – he nearly did last night.
My bad – told you. Definitely would NOT have done it the first time we made out so what makes it OK now, 5 years later?
Nothing – because it is SO not OK. Sorry Honey.

And Mish, thanks for not texting back – hate to think what would have happened then 😉

What would you do??