Master J will be one next month and as I was browsing through a list of Top Five Toys to get for one year old babies it occurred to me how much a waste of money even the cheapest of these baubles was.
This is my list of Top Five things to entertain a 12 month old baby.
1. A box of tampons – guaranteed to keep a baby amused when they are accompanying you to the loo; they are handy and accessible. At least half an hour can be wasted popping the top off the box, pulling tampons out, examining them, putting them back, closing the lid, opening the lid, pulling them out, examining them………
2. Take the phone off the hook in one room and give bubs the other extension. It makes bubs feel important and believe me, they know if you give them the dud broken one – they will call your bluff every time. This way it makes all the right beeps and noises but cant dial Germany like Jax did a few months ago with the redial button – for four hours and 48 minutes – eeeek!
3. Pop him in his high chair and let him feed himself with spoon and container – a good 30 minutes can be spent blogging here or getting dinner ready. Just make sure you are prepared to head straight to the bath afterwards though 🙂
This is Master J with his dessert tub 🙂
4. Go and tidy up the toy room – toys that have been sitting under the couch or cluttering up the window ledge, once put neatly away in their proper places are INSTANTLY desirable to children of all ages. As soon as you pack stuff away, it is pulled out and strewn all over the lounge room floor for hours of new entertainment.
5. My personal favourite – get your purse out. This gives bubs opportunity to practise fine motor skills, enhances his pincer grip and gives you opportunity to throw out all those petrol station and IGA receipts that are stopping it from clipping shut. It is a toy that is usually accessible at all times and can be used in the shopping trolley or on the cafe floor. 
Jax’s favourite toy of all  – my wallet 🙂

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