Muddled Up Mumma has asked me what I am dreaming of this Christmas?

For the 12 days of Christmas I would like:
12 nights uninterrupted 8 hour sleeps
11 dinners to be eaten by my three year old
10 minutes of peace in the toilet each day
9  boxes of Guylian Seashell Chocolates

8 bottles of French Champagne *sigh*

7 days of a clean and tidy house for more than 5 minutes

6 pairs of edible undies and the time to have fun with them 😉

5 days of takeout and no dishes

4 kisses every hour from my beautiful husband

3 new movies featuring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney

2 happy little boys who will love their mummy forever and a day

1 father to accept and be happy with the grown woman I am

Too much to ask for?? Probably.

Spreading the cheer to Seven Cherubs
                                   Little Drummer Boys
                            and Whoa Mumma  

What are you dreaming of this Christmas?

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