Any “Everybody Loves Raymond” fans out there??

This episode is pure GOLD and perfectly sums up a VERY common problem in our household.

Who unpacks the suitcase???

Debra and Ray go away and the suitcase stays on the staircase landing for three weeks whilst each waits for the other to unpack it. Its a battle of the wills until Ray needs to use it to go away for a work trip.
Totally hilarious and if you have time, click and enjoy.


Mr Point Five and I used to use suitcases frequently as we live in the country and would often be visiting parents etc in the Big Smoke with the kids. You will find one of my first posts about our packing problems as a new couple here 🙂 
But packing aside, its the UNpacking that is painful when we get home. Nobody wants to unpack a suitcase when they just arrived home do they? Well unless they have OCD and enjoy it, which I haven’t and I don’t.
In our previous house, we would often dump the suitcase in out (very large) bedroom and live out of it until the next trip, which may not be for many months or until we had worn all the clothes out of it. 
Whichever came first. 
Yes, really.
Gosh its hard pretending to be grown up isn’t it??
In our current (dogbox of a) house, we do not have the room in our bedroom for this luxury, slackness and so it usually gets packed away the day after we get home. I do the kids bag and I force Mr Point Five to “help” me do ours. By help I mean I get all the dirty washing out and done, put my clothes away (folded on the Christmas Chest on my side of the bed) and chuck his clean clothes on his side of the bed for him to put away. These usually end up on top of the dresser (full of clothes we never wear anymore) and he puts the suitcase away in the robe. Then we both live out of the clothes on the respective sides of our bed.
It what we do and although neither of us is totally thrilled with the arrangement it is sadly how it works.
If we even win Lotto I will pay someone to unpack our suitcase when we get back from anywhere.
Doesn’t take any time at all but the sheer EFFORT is inexplicably insurmountable!
Anyway, Mr Point Five went away for the night for work last Monday night and I thought to give you a timeline of “the suitcase” he took. I refuse to unpack it as I didn’t use it.
It will probably be on the floor on his side of the bed for a LONG time – I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to how long, but I will keep you posted 🙂
Tuesday Afternoon when he got home.

Tuesday evening when he realised he couldn’t get into bed.
Saturday – today.

For the record, if I went away and took this suitcase, it would prolly be the same on my side of the bed for a good week or so – except I cant FIT it on my side of the bed on the floor so I unpack it pretty much straight away or we cant get into the bathroom.

I so picked the wrong side of the bed.


I wish I had Housekeeping OCD.

Really I do.

How do YOU unpack??
Or don’t you?? 😉