This is my clean washing pile. Well, it was when I took this picture a few months ago.
Actually, its the G rated version of it. At the moment it is up to the Y in the word SORRY and is balancing on a knife edge of total collapse.
I was at work the other day and knowing my total detestation for putting the clean washing away, hubby thought he would earn some sex brownie points. He folded the LOT and then sorted the folded clothes into piles for each family member. I arrived home to each pile stacked neatly on our couch in the family room, his job clearly done.
Can anyone see my issue with this kind-hearted, albeit misled favour performed by my darling husband?
The sole reason I don’t fold the washing and put it way is the putting it away factor.
Yep – its pathetic.
I can seriously spend the better part of an hour sorting, folding, more sorting, more folding, getting it all lined up just SO in neat piles on the dining table or lounge, only for it to sit there and get trashed for the want of an extra 5 minutes transporting it to the relevant bedrooms.
Did I mention I am pathetic???
I am seriously allergic to PUTTING THE FECKING STUFF AWAY and there is no sane reason for it at all.
 Maybe I am insane? Hmmmm.
So anyway, I walked in from work to see all my clean washing lined up like ducks in a row with a very proud husband beaming at me for his good work.
Know what happened??
It sat there all week and instead of ferreting through my clean clothes pile, illustrated above, for our clothes, we lived off the couch. That was until the dog had slept on them so much of a night that on about day four I gave up and threw them all back into the washing machine.
I am seriously THAT pathetic when it comes to putting the clean washing away.
Guess what Mr Point Five DIDN’T do whilst I was at work today??
Anyone else out there as bad a wife as I am??
I want THIS!!!!!
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