Guess what??

We are moving town AGAIN!

Yes, this will be our 6th town/7th complete house move in just over 8 years.


Following my last blog post and a few “well placed emails” last Sunday, and after 5 weeks of suitcase living, within 48 hours we were offered 4 options for our future. One was not really a viable option and the other two involved us doing a complete house move within town, with no option to move back into our beautiful heritage home much before Easter, if at all. The fourth option, after only 12 months of living here, was a transfer to a small town 1100km away. On the coast.

Did you hear that? ON THE BEACH!!!


If you recognise this beautiful beachside town, please do not mention it here, but I simply had to show it off.

Considering we had been seriously contemplating the kids and I leaving Mr Point Five to stag it in out town next year so they could get better schooling and socialisation in Perth, this decision really was a no-brainer for us as a family.

So, now we have been officially transferred, we wait for the furniture removal company to schedule our move. They move staff all over WA and don’t like to travel with empty trucks so they will determine how many containers/trailers/moving men they will need for our move and work out out travel dates. It should be within 4-6 weeks. There will be a full-on pre-pack day locked in, followed by an early start uplift day. Then probably three days allowed for travel for 1100km, followed by an unpack day where we meet the movers at 7am at our new place.

I simply cannot believe that a) we will be living by the sea; how glorious! and b) that we are moving our entire house AGAIN!! And you might assume that after 6 previous moves we would have culled a lot of things and really only travel with bare basics, but no. We have just kept on collecting things from each town we have lived in. Its ridiculous how much we have. I’m sure when the moving staff hears that we are on the road again they draw short straws for the job. 🙂

G Man is excited about living on the beach and is telling his class very animatedly; he is really nonplussed at the news, a cool cat indeed.

Master J is distressed. We told the boys on Wednesday night and after not having his dummy for nearly a year, he was crying for it at bedtime, telling me it soothed him and made him calm and he needed it. Then again last night as well. This morning he woke up with a rash all over his back, face and head. Fearing measles, I took him to the Nurses station here in town and he was sent home with a diagnosis of stress hives. Poor little dude. As I said in my previous post, as resilient as kids are, even the staunchest of small hearts are affected by all the disruption, worry and missing their own beds. I am trying to get him excited by telling him we will put up the Christmas tree as soon as we arrive and we have surfed ebay with him for some cool minecraft posters to decorate the boys’ bedroom.

The boys will probably get the last 1-2 weeks of term four at their new school to have a look around and meet the other kids. Maybe even make a friend or two to have over in the seven week school holiday period as we will know nobody and be six hours away from Perth and relatives. I am also hoping that being a little tourist town, we will get friends visiting us over the school holidays so we are not constantly travelling every 10 weeks to see loved ones and to escape the mundaneness of the towns that we are used to living in. Wouldn’t that be a novelty!! Now I just need to get a job 🙂

 Thank you for your facebook well wishes on my earlier post. It turns out that we WILL be celebrating Christmas in our own home; just a new one is all 🙂

I cant wait to share it with you.