Its a funny thing, this decision to blog and put parts of your life out on the public arena.

I started off as a humour inspired blog, with this post being my first, nearly four years ago.

Then along the way, thanks to certain people IRL who read here who didn’t “get” my humour and crucified me personally for the cheeky way I view my marriage and motherhood, I kinda lost my funny mojo and those posts dwindled away. Sometimes I will relive a topic that tickled my funnybone and blog it, but its not often. I was at a loose end here for a while after that I have to say; felt very disheartened and more than a bit lost.

Then two years ago I let the cat out of the bag about what Mr Point Five does for a living with this post and my blog exploded. Since then five of my top seven most viewed posts have been #policewifelife ones and they are always the ones with the most comments and interactions. It seemed that my readers really enjoyed hearing about my life behind the blue line as it is a relatively sheltered subject to many I guess.

But even then, the criticism creeps in and I am tired of it. Tired of the judgement of my marriage by people on the outside. I mean, I am not running an advice page and I do not need tongue-in-cheek tut-tuts insinuating that perhaps one of us wasn’t pulling his weight on a hectic morning facebook post due to an unexpected sleep-in. If its not one reader commenting, its another sending me a PM and I am tired. If I want marriage advice, I will ask for it and if I’m not worried, then you shouldn’t be either M’K??

Mr Point Five and I do things our way. Thanks to his shift work, half the time he isn’t here or even awake first thing in the morning so I have adapted and learnt to do the morning thing on my own with the kids. When he is home in the morning, I let him do his own thing to get up and ready for work and the kids and I do our thing. Its easier that way and its what we do. Its a well oiled routine. Not that I need to explain that to you but I am tired of the judgement. I am tired of defending myself and my marriage because I choose to share certain things with you. You might know ME, but you don’t know US.

Anyway – just wanted to put this out there. Just because I let you into our home doesn’t give you the right to judge me and my family.

It makes me sad. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

Now, back to the regular programming. 🙂