This picture is so true.

Except I cant do stuff with my friends cos they all live 650km plus away.

And making a new friend in a town with less than 300 people is really, REALLY hard. The chances of me meeting a like-minded, age appropriate, quirky mannered, non-PC, and time available person is pretty much zippo. I think I am pretty much destined to spend the next 2-3 years here simply “socialising” without actually bonding with “the one”, you know?

Not that there is anything wrong with socialising, I am surviving on that at the moment. The people at work are lovely and I enjoy my time there 4 mornings a week but my new “person” isn’t there. I have met a few school Mums to chat to at the school gate but none of them is her. We try to get down to the pub on a Friday night as it is “Locals” night but as nice as it is to get out, my person isn’t there yet either.

Maybe she will move to town soon; I really hope so.

My weekdays consist of the morning school run, mornings at work, the school run again at 12.30pm, home, back at 2.30pm for the second school run and then home for the day. Cook dinner, dishes, TV with hubby and bed. Every. Single. Day. Except Friday when we go to the pub for tea. Home by 7pm. Weekends are spent just home. Both days with the kids. There are day trips to go on with the hubby and kids (when its not so freaking hot) but nowhere to meet people, no people to meet.  Totally insular. No cafes, no playdates, no supermarket, no nothing. Which is OK – its do-able. I am managing. My house is my castle.

But I miss having a person.

I miss my IRL friends who are miles away.

I have Mr Point Five, this is true, and he is lovely to chat with when the kids let me, but a girl needs a bosom buddy. Someone to tell funny husband stories to. Someone to gossip with over a wine or a coffee.

All my friends, both IRL and online are here, on my computer. Their voices are read in text and welcomed with notification sounds.

I caught up with some lovely IRL friends on our holiday just now, I just drank in their beautiful faces that I could finally see for real, and not just in profile pictures.  It was bliss, to relax and just me me with real people. who know me and accept me. I have booked a flight to Melbourne in July to finally meet IRL my darling blogger friend Jane from Almost Jane. For those of you who say to step away from the computer screen and live in the real world (HATE those people; they don’t know me and my isolation, how dare they judge), well, Jane has honestly been my lifesaver moving around the state these past few years. She is the only one of my friends who has checked in with me every day, seeing how I am, asking if I have met anyone yet. She knows when I have a cold or am grumpy or feeling precious. She is the first person apart from hubby that I want to share my good news with and also to first that I discuss my troubles with.  I have my morning coffee with her and share my nightly wine with her as well. It is and amazing and yet somewhat sad state of affairs when your best friend, your “person” is on the other side of the country and someone whose voice you have never heard.

Never take your friends for granted people. Those who call you, text you, email you, facebook you; make time for them. Life is too short to fob people off who truly care about you.

Friends fill your soul with peace and happiness. They complete you, make you become more than just yourself as a Mother and Wife.

I am Lisa with my friends and I like that.

I miss that.

Fingers Crossed I meet my IRL person soon – until then a big Cyber Cheers with a glass of Champers.