This picture above has been doing the facebook rounds for months now.

And it totally gives me the shits.

I cannot STAND it and I feel like screaming every time someone waxes lyrical about its wisdom.

Its BULLSHIT people!!!!


As Mothers we are always making the right decisions, because they are right for you and your family; nobody elses.

Motherhood is NOT about doing everything wrong, its not. And who has the right to say that to you anyway? And circulate it as truth in a cutesy picture to mask its condemnation and blame?

We don’t need forgiveness; we should be proud of ourselves for doing whatever it takes to make it work. Motherhood is hard and the last thing we need is blame and degradation for doing our job.

My mantra has always been “whatever it takes” because God knows, some days we just do whatever it takes at times just to make it through to the next day.

Whether its feeding your baby to sleep, holding him whilst he naps, co-sleeping, controlled crying, bottle feeding, indulging him in that chocolate biscuit or occasionally even losing your temper, this is not wrong; its called survival and loving your child enough to do whatever helps to make it through each day so you can be a better Mother again tomorrow.

Unless you are force feeding your baby McDonalds fries every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner or blowing cigarette smoke in his face whilst he is sleeping then you are doing nothing wrong as a Mother.

Nothing. Understand?? And NOBODY has a right to say so.

Whilst our decisions may be far from perfect, they are not wrong.

And we don’t need forgiveness; we need faith and strength and compassion just to sometimes make it through until tomorrow.

YOU are doing a beautiful job Mumma!

So do me a favour, copy and paste the picture I made below and spread the word.

You are not wrong; be proud of yourself, everyday, for trying your best and doing what works for you and your family!



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