Disclosure: I was given 4 tickets to Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove in exchange for this review of the show.


What does pure delight look like?

Look at this FACE!!!

Whatever I say about Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove would be a moot point after seeing this face , which held this gorgeous smile throughout the entire performance.


Even Master J’s face broke into smiles after he got used to the (very) loud music and there were claps after every performance.

G Man was totally captivated and gleefully pointed out each character that was brought to life on the ice.


The show started out with Mickey and the Gang who introduced the whole concept of finding Treasure in every day life throughout the evening.


Then the kids met Woody, Buzz and the gang from Toy Story. The little soldiers were fabulous.

Alice in Wonderland was prolly my least favourite bit but then again I never liked the original story to start with. The kids however were fascinated; the two-sided deck of playing cards was very clever and G Man was baffled at the choreography as they appeared to be skating backwards throughout most of the show.


Peter Pan (above) was just gorgeous with Tinkerbell appearing from  up above, flying through the air. I think she was easily G Mans favourite character and he spent ages searching for her up in the sky. The crocodile who was Captain Hooks demise was very popular 🙂


Oh My!!! The second half opened up with The Lion King and just the opening notes of the music  was enough to bring the audience to their feet in anticipation of what was to come. The atmosphere was electric, and this was easily my favourite part of the night.

I have been uber lucky enough to have seen the stage show of The Lion King in New York and this was nearly as mesmerising, both with the cleverly designed and flowing costumes and music from the original movie. I would have been totally happy to pay good money to have canned all the other acts and have seen the entire movie of The Lion King set to ice (please note Disney people – awesome idea). It was fabulous! Pumbaa and Timon stole the show with their antics (what kids don’t love a good fart joke?) and the Savannah animals were glorious, with the ice-skating giving them majesty and grace.


 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was just beautiful and I’m sure would have been a bigger hit if I had two little girls sitting next to me instead of my boys 🙂 The number of little girls in the audience dressed up as princesses was just gorgeous and I am certain they all went home and dreamt of their Prince Charming.

I particularly liked how the cast included the children from the audience in helping them on the ice; a few got to ride in the teacups for the Alice In Wonderland skit and a lucky little girl got to lift up the lanterns in Rapunzel – a really lovely touch.


 Aladdin was very cool with a massive elephant on skates making an appearance and a flying carpet that had both my boys transfixed.

The Little Mermaid was magical and the glow in the dark corals that were used for the staging were spectacular – I wish I could show you, but my camera just didn’t do them justice.


My only gripe was the merchandising; the queues were ridiculously long and the products all totally overpriced; $25 for a plastic sword that you could easily have got in K Mart for $5 and brought along with you. A lot of the kids came dressed up already, with their own Mickey Mouse ears and Pirate swords and I highly recommend getting your child into the swing of it before you arrive.

I bought an official programme and for $22 it came with a single set of Mickey Mouse ears. Not so great when you have two kids so I asked if I could please purchase a second set. I was stunned and very annoyed to be refused and told that I needed to purchase a second programme at $22 to get the extra set of “free” ears. I kept the programme but handed the free set of ears back and said thanks but no thanks. Pretty poor empathy for people with two children, one of which is not old enough to warrant his own programme.

The venue that we attended let you bring in your own drinks and snacks and simply for the queues (again) I recommend BYOing these.


All in all, the kids had a lovely time; a really magical and thrilling live experience, really different to your regular movie theatre seat. Mind you, the ticket prices were a lot more than a regular movie ticket too – definitely a special treat show, but it doesn’t happen every day, and for our kids who live in the country and who rarely get to the big smoke, we felt it was deserved.


 Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove is opening in Perth on 29 May and travels to Adelaide, Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney until 13 July.

 For tour dates and further information on Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove, visit www.disneyonice.com.au. Purchase tickets from Ticketek: 132 849 or www.ticketek.com.au/disneyonice. Tickets start from just $29.50.  Additional discounts apply.