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Hands up who hates cooking with their toddler???
Even a cute cookbook designed especially for kids isn’t enough to make me enjoy it.
 No Sir-ee. Its still frustrating as all heck and a trip to the dentist is infinitely preferable.
Pass me the wine.
BUT, I tell you what?!
My fussy beggar G Man actually ATE the final product, asked for MORE, and then when it was all finished asked me to make more the next day! So I think this book is a winner, even if the bright colours and cartoon pictures in it make it fascinating for the kids and I end up cooking through gritted teeth with Master J in tow.
As I was flicking through the pages, the Scone Pizza recipe leapt out at me. G Man flat out refuses to eat pizza. Declares it yukky and wont even try it.; the bain of my culinary4kids existence. So when I saw that this was a recipe for ones shaped like teddy bears I though I would give it a whirl. We had all the ingredients and it looked pretty straightforward.
Master J also thought these would be fun to make and gave his stamp of approval for the morning activities and lunch menu.

Under careful albeit reluctant Mummy supervision, Master J “helped” stir the wet ingredients together and then I threw them in the TM with the flour – hey presto, dough!

 Now THIS was the fun part – I got out all our cookie cutters and Master J chose the dinosaur, gingerbread man, snowflake and Christmas tree shapes to use. He pressed whilst I rolled (and swore a little under my breath) and after about 30 minutes we had our shapes done. I suspect the prep time indicated in this book doesn’t take toddler “help” into account. Aherm.

 Then we decorated (Master J dumped stuff and I artfully rearranged so we didn’t have a butt-tonne of cheese falling off one dino and a solitary piece of ham on the other) our dough and popped them into the oven.
Waiting is hard work aged two……
Ta-dah!! Not QUITE like the picture in the book but super tasty!

Master J didn’t need any encouragement to start scoffing them down and eventually the smell enticed G Man away from his beloved Tom and Jerry to see what all the fuss was about. We told him they were ham and cheese buns and because they didn’t look like Pizza, he ate TWO!!! 
A miracle!
Mr Point Five added his usual condiment and declared them to be the best pizzas ever.
The dough does indeed have very scone like consistency but has some herbs in it so they were definitely pizza in flavour. They were fluffy and light and very filling.
A definite family winner and a great way to spend a Saturday morning with an activity for the kids and a reward for Mummys patience at the end 🙂
I popped them in a air tight container with the intention of putting them in the fridge for ‘ron but they were all gone by 8pm and G Man was extremely sad there were none for his breakfast the next morning when he got up. Consider myself TOLD!!
So, afternoon tea was next off the ranks to try and I decided to make the Banana Chocolate Treasure as again, we had all the ingredients in the pantry already.
The recipe didn’t mention brown sugar but there was some shown in the picture and I thought it would have been necessary to make the caramel sauce in the foil so I improvised and added it. Think I made the right decision for sure!

 I used only half a banana as the recipe indicated in each foil – note to self, use the WHOLE banana, half only left you wanting more. Slobber slobber drool slobber.

Didn’t get time for a picture of the finished product before it was demolished but let me assure you, served with the self saucing caramel and icecream it was divine!

The evidence of four happy people 🙂

If you would like to buy the book yourself, you can do so here or here. You wont be disappointed. 
Ella’s Kitchen has over 100 easy, tasty and healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy, with fun ideas to get the kidlets involved if you enjoy being tortured! Hee hee. Older kids could probably manage a lot of them without parental guidance.
If you want to know more about Ella’s Kitchen, pop over to their website for more info and tips. They have more than just recipes. They have heaps of stuff over there. Or you can find them on facebook here
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Easy as.

Bon Appetit!

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