So we were in the shops yesterday and we see the Easter Bunny. I take the boys over for a happy snap.

We get home and I am excitedly telling hubby that the boys saw the Easter Bunny today.


G Man (just turned five) pipes up – that wasn’t the Easter Bunny mummy. 

That was a man. I felt his arms.

My heart sinks…..This is the first Easter that he has really grasped the whole concept of the EB and I couldn’t bear it if it ended before it began.

So it was a man dressed up to LOOK like the Easter Bunny was it darling? I say.

Not the REAL Easter Bunny??

He sagely nods. Yes he says, that wasn’t the REAL Easter Bunny.

The REAL Easter Bunny comes in three sleeps.


Phew! Thank goodness for that!


Do your kids still believe? How old are they? What do you tell them when they do finally discover the truth? And if they find out and have younger siblings how does this work??

I would love to know how to navigate these tricky waters.