I think the MOST important test when it comes to long term living compatibility with a partner is chocolate.
Specifically, what ones you like and what ones they don’t. 
For marital bliss, these two things need to be the SAME. 
Chocolate is what makes everyone feel better.
When we get given a box of chocolates as a gift it is win-win on all accounts and I LOVE that!
No leftover chocolates and you always get the ones you want.
I love cherry ripe. He doesn’t.
He loves anything caramel. Yetch.
I adore peppermint. He doesn’t.
He loves peanut brittle. Tastes burnt to me.
I love orange cream, strawberry cream, all the creamy chocolates now that I think about it.
He prefers nougat.
He hates coffee in chocolate.  I say bring it on!
Chocolate bars we struggle a bit more with…..
We both love turkish delight. 
He loves Crunchie bars and detests Violet Crumble – I will happily eat them both.
We both prefer Snickers to Mars.

I can get through an entire family block of kit kat chocolate in one night.  He wont touch a single bar.

I adore Roast Almond chocolate, he can take it or leave it. Most often he leaves it for me.
The Snack chocolate – he will only eat the turkish delight. 
I let him have it so I can get the five other flavours.
We both love Rocky Road.
He adores white, I adore dark, though we will eat both if offered.
There is ONE exception to this seemingly happy chocolate equilibrium…..

We will fight each other tooth and nail for this stuff. My GOD its GLORIOUS!
To quote Beth from BabyMac, my digestive system now has Blue Balls just LOOKING at that photo.
PS – this was not a paid or sponsored post – I was just happily at my computer just now, drinking wine and munching on my unchallenged block of Kit Kat when I thought to write about it.
Chocolate = Yummy.