I was watching the News last night and I haven’t been able to stop thinking today about one of the stories.

It was about a young man who got pushed out of a window in a Pub and died. Over a year later, his parents were being interviewed.

They said “we love our son more deeply now than we ever have“.

I cant stop those words going round and round in my head.

How sad is it that you can love your child more when they are gone?

I want to love my child to the absolute height, depth and breadth that I can TODAY.

Not tomorrow, because tomorrow might not come.



Don’t wake up tomorrow regretting not letting your child know how very much they are loved.

Ever since THIS happened, I am acutely aware how fragile life is and how much we need to soak up the moment, let it envelop our soul and bind us together as a family.

Take a moment to feel the warmth of those little arms around your neck. Breathe in the scent of their skin.  Savour their being.

Tell them you love them more today than you ever will.

Then tell them again tomorrow.


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