I want to share with you the wreath I made for my Mother In Law for Christmas last year 🙂 I ordered it as a kit from The Fox Collection  earlier in the year to make for my little family but when I showed the MIL, she also fell in love with it and asked if she was to buy another kit, would I make it for her? I readily agreed thinking what a lovely thing that she had asked, and then I opened the package.
 Three words.
What a Bastard
Not the MIL
The wreath.
You know how there is DIY and there is DEBTLY (do every bloody little thing yourself)?? Yes, well this was the latter and I had assumed the former from the packaging (this is a link to one on ebay – I paid $49.95 for mine from The Fox Collection but I dont think they are doing them this year as I have only seen this one on their site).
You had to cut out the wreath (20 inches wide) front and back, every single berry (about 140, front and back), every single leaf (shitloads) and all the little ornament bits, including the little finicky yellow caps, front and back.

The (13) ornament parts were all cut out separately, embellished with thread, sequins and little clear beads and then stuffed and sewn together and then around the edge. Gold thread made the little metal caps look real.

Each thread on the leaves in the centre had a sequin and a clear bead as did the berries. 
I was SUPPOSED to fill each berry with stuffing and sew them together but are you freaking kidding me??? The berry part was the only short-cut I took and I don’t think it made that any difference to the wreath that they weren’t 3D so to speak. Well, I tell myself that. I reckon that alone saved me about 10 hours.

I think doing the ribbon was my favourite bit – so festive and bright, really squishy. The white thread was easy enough to do and it came together nicely. Had to wrestle with it a bit getting it to sit just right.

Then, before you sewed the front to the back you nicked little holes in it and poked the fairy lights through and then stitched them in place. Then you cut out some cardboard (Huggies boxes;) and with that as a lining, you  stitched the front wreath to the back panel which had a little bag sewn on for the battery case for the lights.

I reckon I started this late July and had it done by late November. I spent 1-2 nights each week on it (my scrapping time, sob sniff) so about 100 hours???
I hope the MIL knows how much I love her – Im sure she does; every time she rang I was sewing!
 My poor boys STILL haven’t had a scrap page done of them since July last year.
I started doing ours about a month ago, but my sewing mojo has gone.
I have done three leaves. 
It AIN’T gonna get done this year!
Maybe next year??