So, apparently women nag. We do. I am guilty. VERY guilty.
I wonder if lesbian couples nag each other? They are women. Do they nag each other? 
Is one the designated nagger and the other the nagee?
I’m willing to bet they don’t. 
I say this because at the root of every single woman nagging is a man irritating the absolute be-jesus out of her. 
A man who gets home from work, sits on his behind doing sweet FA, whilst the woman bustles about getting dinner ready, dishes done, kids fed and bathed, house tidied, all whilst her dearest husband is saving the world at his computer desk.
I have to say that sometimes I ask my hubby to do something that doesn’t need to be urgently done out of pure jealousy and frustration at his “me time” that I and witnessing and just don’t get.

Most of the time however I ask him to do stuff that needs doing at the minute. 
For example, the bin is full to overflowing, it is 4pm and I am about to start cooking dinner. He starts work at 5pm. The conversation goes something like this.
Me: Honey can you please take the rubbish out? Its full and I have tied the bag. 
(before you say I should have taken it out myself, the rubbish is one of the FEW household chores that we both agree is Mr Point Fives job)

Honey: sure – on my way to work. 

Me: are you sure? The bin is full, I am about to add more with cooking dinner and I have started another bag on top.

Honey: yep – gonna have a shower and then I will take it on my 

way to work. Please dont nag me – you know I hate that.

Me: OK – but now I have put your beers in the fridge and have filled up the beer carton on top as well.

Honey: OK! I understand – no need to remind me! I told you I will take it out on my way out the door! Grrrrrr!!! (that’s a Grrr from him to me btw)

Look what I noticed 5 minutes after dear one had left for work. Bloody Men! 

And they wonder WHY we nag! Cereal!!!

I am willing to bet the sheep station that EVERY single woman attached to a man has a bin story like this.

In fact my darling nag-ee actually turned around one day and told me that if I kept nagging at him to do stuff over and over again then he just wouldn’t do it at all. I think my mouth fell open, catching flies. I stifled the urge to fall about laughing. Didn’t he know how ridiculous he sounded??  
Ummm. HELLO??? Anyone spell OBVIOUS? 
Women are damned if they do and left doing everything if they don’t!

To this day I am constantly amazed at hubbys lack of seeing what needs doing around the house. Its seriously a defect in all men. He swears he doesn’t see the bin full or the 7 dirty work socks on the floor under his desk or the myriad of cars/trains/crap that has accrued in front of the TV in the lounge whilst I have been at work. I would call it store blindness, but that would imply that in the early days he was clued in on these things at the start  but that would be lying. He honestly just doesnt notice. At all. 
I used to think he noticed and just didn’t care and it pissed me off to no end, but after a massive fight, lovingly, well thought out conversation, he actually explained to me that he honestly just didn’t notice. He wasn’t doing it to annoy me or leave me with more work or to smite me. 
And sadly, I believe him.

So, what to do? Unless I meet Denise Richards and she suddenly has a thing for ageing mothers who used to be trim but now not so much, I am going to end my days with my beloved Point Five who just doesn’t see the shit. I will say that since our  massive fight, lovingly, well thought out conversation , he does pay more attention to the rubbish and more often than not takes it out without being asked. 
I KNOW – yay me!!!
The dying socks on the floor are still the bain of my existence but I am slowing working him into submission about these. They may just start showing up shoved in his pillowcase soon.
As our marriage plods on, I like to think I nag less as hubby is more aware of my angst and does more sooner when asked, hence I am “requesting”, not “nagging”. 
Hubby disagrees, he reckons I nag the same amount and he just doesn’t notice it so much he is so used to it. Equates it to water off a ducks back he says. 
He actually says he thinks me nagging him is sweet. Makes him feel needed. 
Anyone who thinks Men are not from Mars and Women from Venus should ask about the nagging in other couples houses – please don’t make me vomit by telling me it doesn’t happen in your house too.

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