See the pin that says A?? That’s where we live. In Cranbrook, WA, population: approx 600.
Now pin B is where hubby’s parents live, Onslow, WA population: approx 700.
Distance between is just over 1700km according to google maps.
I’m not sure when the fairy of insanity visited us and put the idea of a massive road trip with two small children on the cards when we were actually planning a cruise to Bali instead but visit she did, and off we went in early August for three whole weeks! The Adventra was packed to the rafters with the Two Point Five Kids clan, including the dog, who was sandwiched in-between the kids in the back. Just quietly I think he got the best seat in the house what with all the gooey half sucked treats he was able to snaffle along the way.
Day one was a drive to Perth and a two night stopover with my Sister in Law, her hubby and her two boys. They have this room at their house. Its hallowed ground. G Man still speaks of it in whispers and when he first walked in his eyes lit up and he just stopped and whispered “”Wow”……..

The Death Star – over 3800 pieces and enough to make G Mans eyes water.
Two very happy little boys, and one new very expensive hobby!

Left Pawthos with his Auntie Helen for poochie pampering and Day three saw us drive to Geraldton with my new bargain Target shoes on board.

Aren’t they cute???
This isn’t my pic, I knew it was coming up on the Highway as I have seen it many times before, but then we whizzed past it and couldn’t be fagged going back for the Kodak moment so I googled it. It is well documented as it is a really lovely example of the trees near Greenough, just south of Geraldton. There are many of them and they are caused to grow this way due to the massive winds in the area. Isn’t it amazing??
We overtook this thing THREE times!! We got past it and then stopped at a road house for lunch, overtook it again and then G Man decided he needed a pee, then overtook it once more just for laughs. I’m sure the driver thought we were nuts. After a night at Geraldon at a friends house (where the boys were introduced to SKYLANDER, yet another expensive hobby), we were on the road again to Carnarvon for the night.
Raspberries from the back seat from Master  J.
                                      G Man watching his beloved Star Wars, with SW encyclopaedia at  the ready 🙂
Wildflower season was just starting – the red dirt on both sides of the road was simply carpeted in yellow, pink, white and purple, all the way back as far as you could see.
 A quick stop at the Overlander Roadhouse for icecreams an we were back on the frog and toad again.
Starting to leave the Gascoyne and entering the Pilbara country, swapping the bushy land and wildflowers for sweeping plains flanked by red dirt hills. The countryside was beginning to be remniscent of our time up in Port Hedland not too long ago, where we lived for just over two years. G Man was actually born up there and despite it being so desperate and cruel, it is achingly beautiful and simply majestic in its rugged vastness.

The boys in our Caravan Park chalet, enjoying their milk before bed. The bastard smoke alarm battery decided to run out at 11.55pm this night. Me and the Caravan Park caretaker  who I woke in the wee hours to come stop the bloody shrieking every 2 minutes were NOT amused, I can tell you!!!
More of the Pilbara – nothin’ but road and sky 🙂
These things are cool and you really only see them on the driveway (about a 90km stretch – see map above) to Onslow. They are termite mounds and they can be MASSIVE. The are littered all along the countryside for miles and miles – very beautiful and you can see where the Australian artists got their inspiration up here – the colours are magnificent!

We finally arrived at Onslow for our 10 day stay with Hubby’s parents. His Dad works for Onslow Salt up there which is a massive company but he had a few days off for us when we arrived.
Onslow Salt in full swing.
His boss had organised dinner for all of us for the night we arrived, at Nikki’s, the only restaurant in town, (simple decor and service but food to die for!!!) but Master J was down with a fever so I stayed and ordered my dinner to come home with Mr Point Five. Not as nicely presented in the styrofoam takeaway containers but the heated up Bug Tails,Rack of Lamb and Pear Tart went down mighty fine after 830pm with a big glass of wine to celebrate our arrival 🙂
Part Two to follow