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My Happy sentence for the:

First of May – I am extremely happy that I found the massive dog poo at the bottom of the slide before Master J did 🙂

(I was going to insert an image here but I didn’t get a photo and after googling “Poo at bottom of Slide” I decided against it 🙂

May 2nd – my little baby boy had his first sleep in his big boy bed today with his afternoon nap – sooooo  sweet and growing up way too fast!

May 3rd – Gonna sneak in two things today:
                 1. It was library day today for my kindy boy and before he proudly pulled his book out of his bag, I locked eyes with hubby as we both knew what it would be about, his latest fascination of rocket ship and the moon “The Encyclopaedia of the Universe”. Made us share a big smile together.
                 2. The fact that we have not one but TWO episodes of Revenge to watch tonight – eeeek!!!
May 4th – what made me smile today was the look on Master J’s face when he THOUGHT he was going to bite into a cheese and garlic shape but instead I gave him a Sea Salt and Balsamic vinegar one. Priceless.
May 5th – I have nothing today. Am home with the two kids and a husband with the man-flu. Its raining outside and all I can hear is the clack clack clack of the keyboard as hubby spends 12 plus hours playing computer games or the dulcet tones of two children saying “Muuuuuummmyyyyyyyyyyy”. Seriously. Nothing made me smile today. It is like having three children at home. And hubby wonders why I have no sympathy for him? Its because he does NOTHING when he is sick and when I am sick I still have to do EVERYTHING! Aghhhrrrrrr. Anyhoo. I probably did smile today – just cant remember what at. Something the kids did would be my guess. Or when they went to bed and I poured my glass of wine. Yes. thats it. My happy sentence today is – I was happy when I poured my wine. Sigh.
May 6th – as I was walking down the hall to get the boys up this morning I heard G Man (4, and with a major speech delay for his age) say in the clearest words “I LOVE YOU”. I open the door and Master J (18 months) is standing in his cot looking at his big bro with the biggest grin on BOTH their faces. Gave me a happy smile for the whole day, and made up for yesterdays lack of smiles more than ten-fold!
May 7th – loved seeing the look on hubbys face when he realised he was going to get lucky last night for the first time in a loooong time. He is funny like that 🙂
May 8th – watching G Man at his first day of after-school soccer, running around with NO CLUE whatsoever but having a fabulous time made me smile today.
So little (the youngest on the field) and yet such a big boy – I am officially a soccer-mum 🙂

May 9th – Mr Point Five is working all day Mothers Day so he decided to take me for lunch today. For a Hamburger with the Lot.  At the local road house. I HAD to laugh. He is all class 🙂
May 10th – Hubby has been nagging me to celebrate my 40th next year for ages. Tonight at the club, he brings it up again. “Why not?” he says again. “Why?” I say. “So I can invite my 34 year old husband to it?” We both fell about in gales of laughter. I THINK he finally gets my lack of enthusiasm.
May 11th – Today I sent a girlfriend with a new bubba my trusty lime green sling that kept both my boys asleep during the day and me a little saner in the early months. Hope it helps her out and so glad someone else can get some use from it as it was truly a lifesaver.
May 12th – Finally got around to planting some sweet peas with my sweet pea this afternoon – left the run a bit late and cant guarantee the flower bed layout (should be interesting to see when the seedlings come up as 

Man was the thumb hole designer) but we had fun.

Sweet Peas are my fave flower – I like to think they are reincarnated butterflies ♥

May 13th – I laughed (eventually) when hubby realised exactly how serious I was that whilst he was home today (Mothers Day) that HE would be on nappy duty. Took him the better part of an hour and a major tanty, meltdown on my behalf but he got there in the end. BONUS – due to the ferocity of my tanty he also thought to do the dishes. I said he didnt have to but he said that he actually WANTED to at this point in time 🙂
May 14th – finding three for $5 twin Rolo Dessert packs at the local shops – freaking LOVE that stuff!
May 15th – my dinner rocked – just saying. Eye Fillet steak, steamed veggies and a homemade sauce with a fancy Spanish name – scrum-diddly-umptious 🙂
May 16th – watching Mr point Five and G Man playing Hide and Seek tonight for about 30 mins straight. G Man wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to hide and giggle or pop out and scare Daddy when he went past – too frikkin funny and til Hubby said it was my turn next. I informed him I “dont do hide and seek”. Yes you bloody well do!! he says 🙂
May 17th – Master J decided to nap today for the first time in a week, G Man was at kindy so you know what that means my faithful bloggy followers??? THIS!!!
May 18th – We picked up a couple of half wine barrels from one of the local wineries when we moved here and today we replanted our lemon tree and our cherry tree which now have pride of place in our back garden. We were also able to re-pot our beautiful Red English Rose which we bought in Memoriam of Mr Point Fives brother – hopefully it will flourish in its new home 🙂
May 19th – the thought that hubby actually believed that I bought the story that he will do some weights when he goes into work early today – Bahahahahahahahahaha!
Click here to view 🙂
May 20th – Watching Johnny Ruffo dance the party of Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing on Sunday Nights DWTS made me swoon like a giddy girl. Sigh, drool slobber.
May 21st – Manifesto For Dads – I smiled when I saw this and KNEW it was the perfect gift for Mr Point Five this year for Fathers Day. Isnt it gorgeous? You can order yours from The Smile Collective 🙂
May 22nd – Had my first ever dining experience at San Churro tonight – two words. 
HOLY (freaking) POO. 
Oh – and awesome!!!
May 23rd – Last night I was away from my family overnight for the first time since September 2010 and my happy part of the day was walking in and seeing my two beautiful boys who had run my hubby absolutely ragged for 32 hours. I picked up where he left off – it works like that 🙂
May 24th – Whilst I was up in Perth, G-Man’s kindy teacher told us that maybe we would “like” to attend the school assembly today and this is why – heart heart heart!!! 
Such a PROUD Mummy moment 🙂
…for trying really hard to learn his letter sounds 🙂
May 25th – I ordered a new Camera today – I know its very a very superficial thing to make me happy but I LIVE with my camera on hand and take ever so many photos, many every day. Our old camera died JUST after taking the pics of G-Man’s first day at Auskick last week and I am so grateful I got those pics.
May 26th – Hubby was working evening shift so I ate Salmon (he hates it), drank white wine and watched New Years Eve – I think if hubby ever carks it I may just have to jet over to Hollywood, become a bigger cougar than I already am and make a play for Zac Efron.
May 27th – Today I realised we were out of loo paper, 5 minutes after the supermarket was shut……
BUT I found a lucky roll in the car that we had left behind the seat from moving house. 
May 28th – Got an email today that said: 
Congratulations! You have been nominated for Favourite  Handmade Business Award & 
Rising Star Mumpreneur of the Year in the 2012 AusMumpreneur Awards!

It was for my little business Bouquets4Baby …
…and if you wanted to check it out, I’d be well chuffed 🙂
May 29th – Found THIS PICTURE today which made me smile big time. 
I am so very lucky and blessed (not in a God-like way, just an uber-awesome way) with my life.
May 30th – realised that I couldn’t buy Adam Levine from the above quote but I COULD google near naked pictures of him whilst hubby was away for work – Facebook thought it was too risqué which got my luscious photo removed from my blog but it made me VERY happy for a while 🙂
May 31st – After being away for work for three days and two nights my gorgeous, beautiful hubby walked in the door tonight. The kids and I were stoked to see him and I get a lie-in tomorrow!!!
My Happy Days of May – hope you enjoyed my month.