I have to say even though I have a tendency to pull the total piss out of anything that is “trendy” or a “must have” item such as mason jars used as drinking jars with stripy paper straws, pineapple mantle displays and matching wall decals, not to mention the faux deer head mounted on walls, there is ONE thing that a lot of the uber successful bloggers have that I have been secretly jealous of.

A piece of Uberkate Jewellery.

Styling You 150 x 150 a

I would watch my Facebook news feed pop up with random selfies with what was obviously a design by Uberkate (#anythingelseisacopy) slung oh so casually around a bloggers neck and think to myself “Waaaaaahhhhhhh, I really WANT one of those!”

Secretly I googled their webpage and fell in love with all the designs, so fluid, raw and timeless. Think of all the sentiments you could do; a marriage present, engagement present, birth of your child celebration, in memorium of a loved one, the possibilities are endless – the only limit is your imagination. Pure classical harmony on your body.

To  own a piece of Uberkate jewellery is to own wearable art; it truly is. It would be simply delectable to have something designed by them.

So I decided to take my jewellery woes into my own hands and I emailed Kate @ Uberkate and asked if perhaps I could run a review/giveaway for her, as well as offer her some complimentary sidebar advertising for them on this page. I wasn’t very hopeful as I would surely be the least politically correct blogger to ever wear one of her gorgeous pieces, but the gorgeous Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups who is their Social Media manager emailed me back and said Kate would be delighted to work with me. Blow me over with a feather!

Uberkate - Uber Id Cuff Medium

I requested a cuff as I already own a forever necklace and pair of earrings which I never take off . I also asked if Kate could engrave it with a sentiment close to my Police Wife heart. What I adore about Uberkate jewellery is that is it oh so personalised. Whilst I love the idea of Kates embossing above,  I have a family themed necklace and I really wanted something to represent my commitment to my husband and his job.

After our tumultuous move to our new home town this month, you cannot even begin to fathom my delight at the first piece of mail that I received.




Not sure if it was the end result of a frantic week of moving or the sentiment behind Mr Point Fives new position here at Cue but  I actually had tears in my eyes when I saw it. Isn’t it stunning??

It is sterling silver with a solid loop at each end. It came with a black leather adjustable wrist band but I also asked if I could have a blue one as the Thin Blue Line represents the balance between good and evil, more about hubbys job. Kate had generously included that as well for me to use. It is pure quality jewellery and totally the unmistakable as the work of Uberkate.

I felt like a superstar, part of blogging royalty; even if I have to beg and grovel for it, it made me feel precious. I was totally worth it. It’s on my wrist for keeps now. You will have to bury me in it 🙂

So, the good news…..

….I have a Medium Uber ID Cuff to give away to a lucky winner!


To enter, simply like Uberkate on Facebook here and tell me in the blog post comments (in 25 words or less) what  you remember as your best year and why.

An anonymous judge will choose what they consider to be the most sentimental; cos sentimental is what Uberkate is all about.






Terms and Conditions.
  • * This post was written with cooperation from Uberkate.
  • * This is not a sponsored post as there was no cash payment. I was given an Uberkate Cuff to review and (very very gratefully) keep. If I do not like a product I will let the promoters know and give them a choice to have a negative review published.
  • * This competition is open to Australian residents only.
  • * The competition runs from Tuesday 25th November 2014 and finishes at midnight Tuesday 2nd December, 2014.
  • * An anonymous person will judge what they consider to be the best answer with no negotiation. The Winner must LIKE the Uberkate facebook page for their entry to be valid. The winner will be notified here on this post and emailed after Tuesday 2nd December, 2014 and they will have 3 days to claim their prize. If the winner is not contactable, the prize will be redrawn with the same conditions.
  • * The prize is not redeemable for cash and Two Point Five Kids is not responsible if the prize is not received, although I will make every effort to ensure a successful competition for all.