What do you do when your child is too big for a grobag but is always waking up cold in the night because they have kicked off their bedding?

You buy them a Penguin Bag of course!!

These delightful creations combine the security of a sleeping-bag with the practicality of pyjamas and your toddler will adore getting dressed for bed each night as a Penguin, a Princess, a Bumblebee or one of the many other gorgeous choices!

The PenguinBag Company was established by two sisters Natalia and Lourdes, each of them with two children under 4, who were living 10,000 kms away, one in northern Spain, the other in Hong Kong.

 Natalia and Lourdes used to spend a substantial amount of time on the phone talking about their kids. There was an item that continued coming out: children loved to kick the blankets off, and the nights were constantly interrupted to check the children were warm enough, in the case of Natalia, at night temperatures of 0 degrees (yes! they have that in some parts of Spain), in the case of Lourdes, with the air conditioning on. The eldest children, Roberto and Javier, were growing fast and had refused to use baby bags any more.

So, Lourdes embarked in the task of finding a solution. Carrying a box of crayons and a notebook, she went to see her Hong Kong tailor to ask him to make a bag that the children would agree to use. It had to be fun, it had to allow the children to move freely and it had to be of high quality materials. The result was the first Penguin Bag. Roberto and Javier loved it! Soon, Natalia and Lourdes found themselves flooded with requests from friends to have Penguin Bags made for their children.

Today, The PenguinBag Company is manufacturing Penguin Bags for distribution all around the world. Their mission remains the same: to manufacture our Penguin Bags in a way that they are fun, not constraining and of very high quality.

Available in 7 different designs that encourage the development of creativity of children, Penguin Bags are ideal to keep walking toddlers and young children warm at night time.

Unlike conventional sleeping bags, the Penguin Bags keep the little ones’ feet free to stand in the cot or even to walk safely by themselves.

All  Penguin Bags have an outer and lining made of 100% cotton fabric. It has a long frontal zip that allows children to use the toilet by themselves. The zip also slides between the legs and along the lower part of the back to facilitate the nappy change in the case of children who still use them.


If you would like to check out the quality of them for yourself, here is the list of Worldwide stockists  🙂


Some finer details on the Penguin Bags:

  • For the children’s comfort, all the seams are sewn inwards.
  • Neck zip slider protection to avoid rashes. Interior zip protection cover.
  • For greater safety and comfort of the little ones, we do not use buttons, snap buttons or any other small design element that may go loose.
  • The main label of the garment is made of 100% cotton and designed to ensure the children safety and comfort. For this reason, they are sewn all around their perimeter.
  • We are very reluctant to the use of chemicals in the manufacturing of children clothes. Due to this, all the fabrics we use for outer, lining and filling are either OEKO-TEX or have been dyed by OEKO-TEX certified dyers.
  • All our products widely exceed the requirements of the European regulations on flammability (EN14848).
  • Our filling is made of a material free of chemicals and is not flammable.
  •  Penguin Bags are available in two different TOGs: TOG 1 (for warmer rooms) y TOG 2.5 (for colder rooms, with filling)

The Giveaway 🙂 

The lovely ladies at The PenguinBag Company have given me TWO bags (valued at up to $75.00 each) to give away to my loyal readers.

So, how can you WIN one of these gorgeous creations?

Find The Penguin Bag Company on Facebook , give them a LIKE and then comment below with which design  your child would adore to go to bed in at night.



The TWO answers deemed to be the most creative will win a Penguin Bag of their choice 🙂

Best of Luck!!

Congratulations to Tracey Smith and Kathie Gentile – check your email addresses for details on how to claim your prize. 🙂

Disclaimer: The Penguin Bag Company wanted to send me a Bag to review, but my boys are just on the upper age edge for these so I asked them to send it to my Sister-in-law for her two year old instead. She adored it, says it is fabulous quality and is uber soft. He little one suffers from allergies so the 100% pure cotton was a God send. She cannot wait for the nights to cool off so she can give it a proper road test 🙂  I have not been paid for this post, nor did I receive a free product. I am just a sucker just love my readers enough to give them this opportunity to win one of these wonderful Bags 🙂

Term and Conditions.
* This post was written with cooperation from The Penguinbag Company.
* This is not a sponsored post and there was no cash payment. All opinions and words are my own. If I don’t like a product, I will not agree to do a review, no matter what the payment is.
* This competition is open to Australian residents only.
* The competition runs from Sunday 30th March 2014 and finishes at midnight Sunday 6th April, 2014.
* An anonymous person will judge what they consider to be the best answer with no negotiation. The Winner must LIKE the Penguinbag Company facebook page for their entry to be valid. The winner will be notified here on this post and emailed after Monday 7th April, 2014 and they will have 3 days to claim their prize. If the winner is not contactable, the prize will be redrawn with the same conditions.
* The prize is not redeemable for cash and Two Point Five Kids is not responsible if the prize is not received, although I will make every effort to ensure a successful competition for all.