If Men were Honest 🙂


So I had a few ideas floating around for a post tonight but then I got to thinking about work tomorrow and if I would actually go. I don’t usually work on a Thursday but with Monday having been a public holiday I was a day day behind and Master J’s daycare said they could fit him in so I thought why not, the money would be good and there was heaps of work to be done.  The responsible grown-up in me thought it was a great idea. At the time.

But I am sitting here at home now and my enthusiasm is waning.  Mr Point Five is up in Perth for the week on a course and although I have told him I will be working, he wouldn’t know if I went or not.  My boss wasn’t expecting me to be there before today; the extra work getting done was a bonus for her. I could keep Master J home with me or I could even take him to daycare and come home; have the house to myself to do some stuff for me. Now there’s a thought. I have never done this since having kids, had a day at home to myself. Never. Not once in over 6 years. I cannot tell you how appealing that thought is. Decadent. Naughty.

I know I should go. Its an extra $200 that we otherwise wouldn’t have and I don’t earn that sitting on my arse at home.         

I have to get up to get G Man to school anyway; working just means I throw on some lippy and a nice dress. An extra five minutes for me.

Master J adores his daycare; he would prefer to be there than home with Mummy with no big bro to play with too.


I will go.

Not because I am ma-tuuuure or anything because I am not. Not at all. If you read this you will see I am anything but.

I will go because I told Mr Point Five that it was on offer, I had accepted, and because I owe him to be the best person I can be.

He keeps me honest.

I am a better woman, a better mother and a better wife because of him. I know he is proud of me, and I will keep making him proud by trying to make the right decisions for us.

Everything he does in his life, (apart from staying up until stupid-oclock playing XBox games the night before it’s his turn to get up with the kids – drives me insane), is for our family and I adore that. Never have I had such unconditional and accepting love and I will make him proud. I will be honest.


I know its all a little sappy and seriously, and with him being away and never knowing, I am THIS close to staying home and switching off the phone, but I won’t, I can’t.

Gah – bloody men. Ruining my first perfectly good day off ever with all this responsible blahdy blah.

Tell me, who keeps you honest?

Your husband? Wife? Kids?

Or do you make wildly inappropriate decisions??

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