So, as you know, we are moving house next week.
I thought I would give you a run down of the process of the moving thought process behind our marriage, as this will be the fifth time we have moved house in six years, with 4 out of 5 including kidlets of sorts.
It usually goes like this.
I get a phone call from hubby at work telling me that his transfer to (xxx) has been accepted.
There – that’s his bit done, his share of the moving thought process.
I immediately start thinking.
And planning.
And thinking.
And planning.
And stressing that my thinking wont lead to any good planning.
And that all my plans will fall in a heap.
I lie awake at night, planning, and thinking, and stressing.
These are some of my nightly thoughts, in no particular order.
Crap * yay * wonder what our house will be like * when will our move date be * better not be on my birthday weekend * REALLY better not be on my birthday weekend * does WAPOL know its my 40th birthday around then * where will the boys sleep * will they share a room * what time should I put them to bed * do I put them to bed at the same time * will they wake up too early if they sleep in the same room * but we really need a guest room this time * crap * hope they can sleep together ok * is it airconditioned * are there ceiling fans * will we need our aircons out of storage * is that even possible * what sort of windows are there in our bedroom * will our aircons fit * what side of the bed is the bathroom * will I need to swap sides * I dont think I can sleep on the other side of the bed * is there room in the laundry for the dryer * will our fridge fit * where will our furniture go * when can I see the house to see where our furniture will go * where will the Christmas tree go * will the blow up water thingy we got them for Christmas last year fit in the back yard * is the BBQ clean enough to move (note – get hubby to clean BBQ before we move) * must clean dining chairs before we move * OMG we have so much junk to get rid of * what about the cot * what should we do about the cot and the double pram * do I know anybody with a new baby * shit really should have sold them last year * oh well * when is the second hand shop open * where will we get a trailer from * crap * really must sort through the boys clothes before we move * doublecrap * really need to put away the floordrobe – don’t want the movers to see the way we live * on that note I need to get a cleaner who cleans in our town * do I want them to see how disgusting our house is * fuck it we are moving * oooh – that hole in the wall in the toyroom – gotta get that fixed * what about the blinds do you think the real estate will notice * they will wont they * crap  * carpet cleaner gotta book that too * oh and a dog door * what will we do there * do we buy a new one * how will we fit it * is the laundry door wooden or sliding * are there fitters in our new town * how much will it cost * will be we allowed to put a dog door in the new house * fuck * where will the dog stay the night before we move * need to book accommodation for that night * wonder if there are B&B’s in our new town * we really need a two bedroom one so the kids can go to bed  first * will they take the dog * who do we know in our new town who will have the dog for the night * what will we have for dinner that night * is there takeout in our new town * what will we eat the night the packers are here * they will have packed our microwave and cutlery and there is no takeout * crap * will ask them to leave some stuff out * what should I cook the day before * will need to be microwavable for the next night * need to empty the freezer now before the move cant take it with us * wonder what’s in the freezer * chips * now I want chips and sauce * crap * power – need to transfer the power * and the internet * and the mail – need to get that forwarded * school crap *wonder what school are in town * what will they be like * must look them up and organise interviews * will they have speech therapy there * daycare * poor Master J he will miss his Mare Bear * now I feel guilty * wonder what the new daycares will be like * hope they are nice * I am a bad mother for taking the kids away from all the things they know * but the new town has heaps of fun stuff too * a pool yay * where are the floaties * do we still have them * gawd a pool that will be fun on my own with the kids * not * gosh my bedside table * wonder what’s in that * must clean it out before the packers come * and get a suitcase out for stuff we will need straightaway * G Mans new school uniform must keep that out * and his school bag * and his hat * where is his hat hmmmmm * panadol need that kept out too just in case * dog food better pack some of that in the suitcase * and the TV remotes…..
There is a butt tonne more floating around in my head until ALL hours of the morning, trust me, but you get my drift???
Mr Point Five is fast asleep.
And wonders why I am hagged each morning.
I am TRYING not to think so much, really I am. I hate being stressed and hubby hates me BEING stressed,
but if I don’t think about these things, who will????
Moving house sucks no matter what.
These photos – Bahahahahahahahahaha – *picks self up off floor having collapsed with laughter*
(Guardian Removals

Have I forgotten anything???