Yesterday I got a lie-in. It happens once a week to ten days depending on Mr Point Fives roster. I didn’t actually go back to sleep after hubby got up to the kids at twenty to seven. This is an example of where Mr Point Five and I are different. He gets up when he wakes up, even if it is his turn to sleep in. I, on the other-hand, am not insane.


I lie there listening to my loved ones do their thing without me. I hear hubby settling the predictable argument of what goes on the kids TV pre 7am.

“Chugging” says Master J.

“Chicken Little” says G Man.

“Chugging” “Chicken Little”

“Chugging”!!!!!! “Chicken”!!!!


I listen to him offering them breakfast. I have learnt not to offer but to just get it and place in front of them. Giving them options usually ends up in tears as they think Tiny Teddies and Chocolate Cake are possibilities on the breakfast menu. But in this case, hubby has more patience as this is not a regular thing for him to do. The kids get melted cheese on toast from him and hot chocolates with fancy straws. They get dry nutrigrain in a cup and plain milk in pop-tops from me.


I listen to cupboards being opened and closed and various kitchen items being placed on the floor. I hear Master J rifling through the second drawer down and treasures from the pantry being taken into the toy room to share with his brother. I hear the predictable yelling from the computer as hubby as he realises what his youngest is doing and the big person thud thud down the hall as he goes to confirm suspicions. I hear exasperated voices and mutterings of a told off child.


I hear cuddles and kisses and giggles up the hall. I hear “What is it my angel boy”? from Mr Point Five answering a question that starts with “Daddy….”?


I hear “Come on lets go change your bum” and “Daddy’s coming” in exchange of smelly nappies and toilet calls.


I lie in bed, awake and smiling for the simple reason that it is not ME out there. I cant sleep, but instead of begrudging that fact, I am LOVING  that the boys are calling out “Daddy” and I can just be ME in bed. Not me the Mummy, but just me enjoying a lie-in.


Eventually the noises settle down. The boys have had breakfast, Master J has a clean bum, hubby has had his two coffees and can hold a conversation and I am ready to face the day of being Mummy. I know the house will be messy, there will be dishes in the sink and toast remnants on the high chair but I don’t care. The escape from the monotony joy of the morning routine in the house is just sheer bliss and I cannot thank my husband enough for my mini holiday in bed.


Thanks honey xxx