Peppa Pig has both a LOT to answer for and be thanked for, doesn’t she?
She is quite a popular discussion topic over on my facebook page with many parents accrediting her with a free half hour to have a shower, feed the baby, have a morning coffee in peace and quiet, prepare dinner in the witching hour or just generally enjoy a bit of down time whilst she casts her spell over the kidlets. As annoying as her bossy mannerisms may be and her very non PC way of labelling Daddy Pig in a more than rotund manner, what IS it about a precocious pink pig with an extremely suspicious looking nose that captivates the kids so much and has parents rejoicing around the world?
Just LOOK what Peppa has done to my boys!
Mr Point Five and I offered to take them to the park down the road where we used to live, where there is a massive sandpit, two slides, a fort, monkey bars, and basically the whole kit and caboodle.
You know what they wanted to do?
Yep – put on the wellies and go and Splash in Muddy Puddles – “like Peppa Mummy”.
Made for some great Kodak moments though, and as you know, I am ALL about those 🙂
On the eee-pad, Master J’s favourite game is “Find Polly” where you go from room to room in Peppas house to find an irritating parrot with an even more irritating squawk.  He LOVES it! Go figure. Maybe it appeals to the Hide and Seek game he adores with his brother – he uses his nouse and logic until he finds  that bloody parrot!  Its the Peppa magic – who knows?
Peppa has been extremely frustrating for the same five year old in that she can whistle. He is determined to whistle “like Peppa Mummy”. I’m not laughing but she is still one up on him, despite his best perseverance.
My poor G Man has been one-upped by a Pink Pig with a suspicious snout 🙂
Both Boys have mastered the Dinosaur “Raawww” complete with Dino-actions. They terrorise each other around the house for hours on end with it, and its pretty basic, seriously.
One of G Mans favourite games in the school playground is to play the Dinosaur Game for which I am fairly sure the other kids have George Pig to blame. Sorry about that.
Poor Mr Point Five – I am fairly certain one of the main reasons he went on his diet six months ago was because of the episode where Granny and Grandpa Pig build Peppa and George a cubby house and they decide on their secret entry password – you KNOW what it was, don’t you?
THEN they turned to me and said, see Mummy, just like OUR Daddy!!?!!
Poor Daddy Pig, ooops I mean Daddy.
 Our dinner at home is even timed around her so I can get it cooked in peace at 5pm!
God help ABC 4 Kids if they mess with that schedule 🙂
…..the word from the guys over at Peppa Pig:
Peppa Pig is loved by parents and kids for her mischievous sense of humour and the life lessons explored in a fun way? Check out the Peppa Pig website and Peppa’s Official Facebook page for printables, event updates and products available in time for Christmas.
(For the record, the games on the website are pretty cool if you don’t have an eee-pad or an i-thingy – I’m a bit nervous to show my two or I will never get my computer back to blog again! And the facebook page look great for some last minute stocking filler ideas!)

AND – Did you know that Peppa Pig is also a massive supporter of the Australian charity,

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation?

Over the coming year Peppa Pig will be the brand ambassador for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to raise funds that will support families with babies born prematurely or sick.

So, the GIVEAWAY…..

Thanks to Peppa Pig, I have one Peppa Pig Deluxe Play House to give away, valued at $59.99!

To enter, simply like Peppa Pig on facebook (here), and leave a comment below telling me what your kids have learnt from the Peppa Pig series, from the show or doing the activities.
Entries are open NOW and close at Midnight on Thursday  December 12th.
Good luck!

Thanks Peppa!

The winner is Sim! 
Term and Conditions.
* This post was written with cooperation from Kids Business and Peppa Pig.
* This is not a sponsored post. I was given a some Peppa Pig products for myself with no cash payment. All opinions and words are my own. If I don’t like a product, I will not agree to do a review, no matter what the payment is.
* This competition is open to Australian residents only.
* The competition runs from Friday evening 6th December and finishes at midnight Thursday 12th December, 2013.
* An anonymous person will judge what they consider to be the best answer with no negotiation. The winner will be notified here on this post and emailed after Friday December 13th and they will have 3 days to claim their prize. If the winner is not contactable, the prize will be redrawn with the same conditions.
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