Can I tell you what really pisses me off?

Hypocrisy and double standards.


Mama Mia has managed to do both this week with THIS shameful post from Rebecca Sparrow, a Mum herself.


According to Rebecca at MM, only women with post baby flabby tummies are allowed to post selfies on the internez.

Also, despite actively encouraging ALL new mums to post pictures of their “real” post baby bodies in THIS article, the photo below of fitness blogger Caroline Eriksen was deemed by MM to be obscene.

Yes, MM actually used the word OBSCENE about a new mothers body.


Where exactly does MM get off saying such hurtful, discouraging and totally unsupportive things when they are supposed to be actively encouraging positive post baby body image?


Caroline posted her blog photo with the comment I feel so empty, and still not … 4 days after birth“.

To me, this comment, which I find really poignant, would not have worked had she been clothed in yoga pants; her emptiness is not just a metaphor, its visual.

Shame. Shame. Shame.


Rebecca goes on to say “where the baby?” She just had a baby, where the baby? Is it ALL about how fit you look?

How self-absorbed of her. You’re a mother now, it should be ALL about the baby.

Um yes, love, last time I checked, fitness bloggers blog about fitness, not babies.

Being a Mother is not ALL about the baby, you know?

Plus, what a great advertisement to your fitness readers. Being fit really does help the body bounce back.


Whilst the photo did look a little staged in nice underwear (and hey, who doesn’t stage a good show-off selfie?) would it have been less offensive to the flabby tummied post baby mummies if she was in bathers? Rebecca, are you really that green-eyed that you would belittle a new mother who you don’t know to your audience by calling her obscene?


Who cares if you parked your chair by the fridge for your entire pregnancy?

Who cares if you exercised up until the day your waters broke?

Who cares if your baby weight magically dropped off 4 days after giving birth?

Who cares if you still have 30kg to lose 12 months later?






  1. 1.

    actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.



Nobody, NOBODY is any less “REAL” for being exactly what they are.


Caroline Eriksen is every bit as real as the images in the “Positive Body Challenge” MM was waxing lyrical about and the double standards really shit me.


Positive Bodies my arse.


The only Positive Bodies MM deems acceptable to publish it would seem, are flabby semi naked selfies, often with a hand only covering breasts and pussy, hiding tummies with baby weight, stretch marks and dimples. At least Caroline had clothes on!





These pictures of me were taken in 2008 when G Man was 2 days old.

Yes, two days.

Shall I put it in capitals like MM?

Yes, people, TWO DAYS!


Do you hate me? Am I obscene? Am I not REAL enough??


I reckon after a few more days I could have posed in some nice undies and got a similar photo of myself to Caroline. Especially when my milk came in – My hubby jokingly referred to me as Barbie on steroids as I was back to my pre-baby weight in a few days with uber big boobs to boot.



This is me 12 months after G Man was born. Do I have a REAL mummy body Mama Mia or are there not enough stretch marks? Are my boobs (which I breast fed from for 12 months) not saggy enough to make me REAL?


I am lucky, I know this, genetically blessed in that the baby tummy just dropped right off.

I haven’t exercised since 2003. Shhhhh.


Do I deserve to send a photo in to the MM Real Bodies exhibition or will I be quietly mocked, laughed at, humiliated and shamed for putting too much pressure on the REAL women to lose their baby weight?




Are the photos of Caroline Eriksen obscene because jealousy is a REAL bitch?


All Women are REAL Women.

Get over it.


I’ll tell you what’s obscene…..


Jealousy, double standards and hypocrisy over at Mama Mia.