Now I know I bag out Mr Point Five quite relentlessly on this blog. In fact, my Father in Law recently asked how my blog was going. I said it was going just dandy, thanks for asking. He asked if my latest post was another bad story about his son. I assured him it was – after all, where the fodder lies……
There is nothing quite like hosting our little big boys fifth Birthday Party in the rain that makes me appreciate my husband more.
After a emotionally tumultuous 18 months with my Dad and losing my BFF, I have come to depend on him as my new BFF and rock in my life. He loves me unconditionally and these are a few of the reasons I think he is pretty alright too ūüôā
1. I love how he plays with our boys. He is a dinosaur, a robot, a dragon, a monster and a tiger, all within five minutes. He is their hero in a cape and he totally delights them. He plays hide and seek when often the other players forget they are playing or come to find after counting to three. He gets down on the floor and rolls around with them crawling all over him, even though he knows it usually ends in tears from him being kneed in the nether regions by one or both of the boys. I love how he reads to them. I love his enthusiasm,  his exuberance and fearlessness. I love that he tells them he is proud of them every day.
2. I love how I look in his eyes. Even when I have just rolled out of bed and and am still wiping sleep from my eyes whilst trying to locate the coffee machine, he thinks I am sexy and tells me so.  I mumble something that sounds like Gooth Mording and he says Good Morning my sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, angelic, divine, glowing, wonderful marvellous wife of mine, who never puts out. Every. Single. Day.  He is insane.
3. I love how he¬†doesn’t¬†notice stuff. This can have its drawbacks too,¬†don’t¬†get me wrong, but when I have a mammoth pimple on my chin called Agatha its an awesome quality of his. ¬†I am just as sexy.
4. I love his honour, his beliefs and his integrity. We share a lot of the same values and I love that when I am feeling weak and betrayed, put down by those I trust, he helps me¬†stand¬†up for what I believe in and regain my strength. He sees how amazing and¬†fantastic¬†I am as a mother and a wife. Even when sometimes I¬†don’t¬†believe in me anymore and I¬†don’t¬†think I am worth much, he does. He tells me how wonderful I am and I believe him.
5. I love how he thinks I can be anything. Whatever I decide I want to do when I eventually go back to work he is good with. He thinks I can make a difference and would be a great¬†politician. I’m not so sure.
6. I love how he has witnessed the birth of both our boys and yet is too scared to get, you know, done. Seriously, it cracks me up. If I am having a bad day all I need to do is picture the horror on his face when he imagines himself going in for the snip. Talk about a Drama Queen. Sheesh. He also says OUCH if I even just brush his hand with my fingernails. I’m not sure if I believe the story of how he used to be in the army.
7. I love how he never wakes me up to tell me that I am snoring. Never. Even when he can hear me down the hall before he comes to bed he comes anyway and just puts his ear plugs in. If he cannot sleep, he will move to the couch. Bless. I am a bitch and nudge him to roll over even when he starts breathing loudly. He is definitely the better person in our marriage here.
8. I love that we can have the worst barny in the world and he still assumes that we are a we. That we will get past it. That we have a future. There is never a doubt. From the first time I broke up with him after our second date he has never doubted that we will grow old together and I love that.  Its how a real marriage should be.
9. I love that he gets that I cry at dumb TV shows. He¬†doesn’t¬†get WHY I cry exactly, but he gets that I do and will come cuddle with me and wipe my cheeks during the sad bits. Then he laughs at me and I hit him with the remote control.
10. I love that he is a goof, that he is shameless, that he is willing to be a complete idiot to elicit a smile from me or the boys. I love the way he loves us and holds his family both on a pedestal, and close to his heart. I love the look on his face when he walks in the front door from work and sees the three of us cuddled on the couch together – it gets all gooey-like, and from a man who has to be a big roughy-toughy at his day job, it is priceless. I love that. I love him.
Disclaimer: I was not held down and tortured to write this post, nor was I paid or given any chocolate, bacon or jewellery.
I will be sure to get irritated enough¬†by tomorrow¬†to write a “143 Things that annoy the bejesus out of me about my Husband” .