So, I posted a picture of our lovely day at the lake a few weeks back. 
What I didn’t post was what goes on in our house to get us there. I didn’t think much of it as it is a regular occurrence if we go anywhere as a family or host family occasions, but I am in this mothers group on facebook and one of them was having a gripe over pretty much what happens all the time with us. 
What surprised me was how many girls had the same story and how frustrating we all found it to be. 
One said that it was pretty much in the male DNA and I have to agree. 
Or maybe its in our DNA to let it happen this way? What do you think? Are we our own worst enemy?
Hubby suggested a trip to the lake a few Saturdays ago and this is how it went.
I check the weather forecast and see that is is windy in the afternoon on this day so I tell Point Five that if we are going to go, that perhaps it would be best to leave about 10 in the morning, have an early picnic lunch and then be home by about 1ish. 
He agrees.
I am up with the kids at sparrows fart, get them breakfast, explain for the umpteenth time why chocolate frogs are not for breakfast, get them drinks, browse facebook, wipe bums and change bums.  
He rises at about 8.30am and heads straight for his computer.
As soon as he is up I leave my computer, have a shower, get dressed, do the dishes and at about 9.15 I start to get the kids organised and ready in their bathers which I made sure were washed and ready the day before.
I pack a bag with sunscreen, 
change of clothes, 
spare nappies,
swimmer nappies, 
spare hats, 
picnic rugs,
chopped fruit, 
sippy cups,
 beach balls, 
and beach tent.
He rises from his computer chair about 9.45am and declares that he is off for a shower and then he will be ready to leave. Says it all proud like, pleased with the fact that he will be ready to go on schedule.
Yes, cereal.
That’s what he says.
Can you guess what I said???

Sorry – close page down now if inappropriate cartoons offend, 
but the next one is freaking hilarious and oh so apt!

Is this what happens in your house when you go out as a family??