The hits just keep on rolling for my little G Man who is starting pre-primary this year. Full Time School!!  Luckily for me, and YOU gorgeous readers, the lovely people at Blogs and PR have chatted up the kind owners of 2Kool4Skool, and asked them to send me a fantastic kit with lots of back to school goodies in it. 
I say lucky for you, as G Man really doesn’t need a lot of stuff for pre-primary and I thought that maybe some of you out there might get more use out of these fabulous products.
SO, I have picked a few things I like and will definitely use, and the rest I will package up and send along to a lucky winner. 
I will even pay for postage! How could I be nicer?? Wait, don’t answer that 🙂
So, grab a cuppa and scroll through the goodies that I was sent that you could win, and see what 2Kool4Skool is all about.

You guys can have these – as much as I would LOVE to keep them cos they smell soooooo freaking good, with a toddler who loves to draw on things other than paper, I have had to designate our house a texta free zone. There are 12 of these markers, all with double tips and all smelling just divine! 
Kills me giving these away…..but LUCKY YOU!
RRP – $16.95
These I am keeping – they are easily and hands down the best bloody crayons I have ever seen! Do yourself a favour and BUY a set for your kids. They draw really easily, kinda like textas, so the kids dont have to push hard to get a line out of them – therefore they dont break into lots of little crayons which I hate and end up vacuuming or binning them.
The paper at the bottom tears off as you need more crayon – easy as!
I had to show a photo from the 2Kool4Skool webpage as my kids grabbed them and have been playing with them all weekend. 
I reckon they will last for ages! They are da BOMB! Cereal!
RRP – $13.95
You guys can have these – G Man needs triangle grip pencils this year and these would just get trashed at our house otherwise. There are 7 “Miles of Smiles” pencils all with an eraser tip.
RRP – $4.95
You can have these too –  Be extra cool while listening to your favourite tunes on your phone, MP3 or even working on the computer at school with this awesome set of soccer ball earbuds. Your set of earphones comes with a great case for keeping your cords organised and compact and comes with an extra set of silicone tips.  
Again – I would love to keep these, but really have no need and I know you guys would love them!
RRP – $13.95
 I’m terribly sorry, but I am keeping three of these next four items. The Popcorn Pen just SMELLS too freaking good to give up – its butter popcorn flavour for Pete’s sake!! You KNOW where I am coming from.  Pop one in your order – you won’t be disappointed!
The bar of chocolate is actually an 8GB USB stick which will come in handy for the kids DVD player in the car, if Master J, the toddler, doesn’t try eating it first!
The ruler also smells TO DIE FOR (I can actually smell it from the bookcase as I sit here typing – mmmmmm) and I will use it for my scrapping. Or not – I might just have it next to my computer to sniff at.
Dear Lord, it smells good. If you have a daughter, she will LOVE it!
Did I mention that the 2Kool4Skool products SMELL FANTASTIC????
The Robot eraser is yours – it will just get drawn on by the toddler.
RRP – $4.95
RRP – $19.95

                                          RRP – $2.95                                             RRP – $5.95

These are funky as, Slip-On PVC Covers for exercise books. I have pinched one of each for G Man for next years books so the remaining three are yours. Robots design, Animals in Grass and Monkeys & Bananas which slip neatly onto your exercise book in seconds making school book covering a breeze. These unique covers also include a pocket and pencil holder (as seen in picture below) and will cover the Australian standard exercise book from 32 pages to 320 pages. These are no ordinary school book covers – they feel heavy duty and durable. I reckon they will last for many a year.
RRP – $15.95
see the little pocket for notes and pens??
 These are the A4 sized covers I was sent – I only nicked one Smiley Face one so the remaining five are all yours! One Smiley, Birds on a Wire by two and Peace Button by two as well.
RRP – $17.95
These are the Scrapbook covers – I snaffled one of the Sportsballs ones which leaves you with both the Frogs in Pond and a Sportsball one for covering your kids scrapbooks for school or home 🙂
Can you IMAGINE the time it would take to cover all these books with contact?? I hated doing that 30 years ago as a kid and I bet it hasn’t changed since then.
These are uber easy – just slip them on – all done!
RRP – $13.95
 These are some other designs which were sent to me with exercise/scrap books already in them – they are pretty boyish, so I will hang onto them I think.
G Man will definitely use them in the years to follow this one 🙂


 This is a very cool ID cover which could be yours and it matches the Pencil case (pictured below) which you can have too. Pop your transport card inside to easily swipe onto public transport and keep money safe in the zipper pocket. Use the keyring to attach to school bag as a great bag tag and attach your USB so you always have it handy. 
RRP – $11.95
(Massive) Pencil Case RRP – $16.95
 These cute scratch and sniff labels are all yours as well! As much as I would like to put them up all over the windows in our house, I think you would get better use of them as G Man has all communal stuff in pre-primary this year still. Golly, they SMELL GOOD though – I DID mention that before yeah??
Who else is transported back to primary school at the mere mention of scratch and sniff stuff?
So awesome!  There are 18 of the packaged Chocolate smelling ones for you as well as six of the sample Bubblegum ones I was sent.

RRP – $9.95
If you like what you see here and want to view the full range 

over at 2Kool4Skool, you can visit them at their 2Kool4Skool 

website, their facebook page , their blog and twitter pages.

Oh and did I mention that 10% of their profits from the sale of their school book covers goes to 

improving the educational outcomes for those less fortunate in third world countries??

Can’t ask for better than that 🙂

SO – here are the goodies I am giving away from my own free stash to a lucky reader, valued at approximately $100!!! 
(taking into account the stuff I snaffled)
Entry is simple via the rafflecopter below. Good LUCK!!!

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*DISCLAIMER: I was sent items by 2Kool4Skool to help facilitate my review. Any opinions stated are strictly my own. If I didn’t like their stuff, I wouldn’t write the review for them.*