Master J and his little blue chair are the bain of my existence…..
I mean there is child proofing and there is Master J with his little blue chair proofing!
Gotta love the tiptoes 🙂
Righto – got my yoghurt, now where is that spoon???
Not allowed outside after my bath – I’ll show HER!
Who me??????
Stealth mode
BUSTED! Oh, you didn’t WANT the cutlery drawer and its contents all over the kitchen bench??
Butter… wouldn’t….melt
Hmmmm, what’s that? Yep….can JUST reach it if I stretch with my trusty little blue chair!
Oh wait, there is a fork in the knife drawer…needs attention.
One blue table and two matching chairs $40
Two cable ties 40c
One Baby Boy and the tanty when he saw what I had done = PRICELESS!!!