A Drama Queen lives here – my birth stories.

I have experienced two births and both were total shit. I agreed to the second bub with the hubby thinking that “they” (you know as in “they say that….”) were right in that the second one was quicker and less painful than the first, which was excruciating. If someone had handed me a loaded gun I would have pulled the trigger to stop the pain. Both times. Did I mention the midwife called me a drama queen?? Birth One. Birth Plan: a) to get through it with as little pain relief as possible. I was very open to gas, a...
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Radio Pranks Calls – WARNING: ranty pants on!

 You know what totally shits me? Prank phone calls on the radio. How old are we?  12??  Do we STILL think its funny to mess with peoples emotions and feelings in a negative and hurtful way? I live in a tiny country town and we only get one radio station with “modern”” music (unless you count triple J and I don’t.) Every morning as I am taking G Man to school they have this segment where they think its totally hilarious to call some poor unassuming person and play a practical “joke” on them. I use the word joke fairly loosely...
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